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About SeeMedX

Board of Advisors

Composite photo of medical icons and a stethoscope.
Dr. Michael Rossbach | SeeMedX

Dr. Michael Rossbach

Eppendorf Group as the Global - Head of Technology
Julia Nicholson | SeeMedX

Julia Nicholson

CEO of $10B company
Barry Dorfman | SeeMedX

Barry Dorfman

President of BLD Holdings
Dr. Wayne Olan | SeeMedX

Dr. Wayne Olan (Neurology & Veterans)

George Washington University
Dr. Kevin Ward | SeeMedX

Dr. Kevin Ward EM-CCM

University of Michigan
Dr. Steven Mehta | SeeMedX

Dr. Steven Mehta (Cardiology)

Dignity Health, Yavapai RMC
Dr. Philip Ovadia | SeeMedX

Dr. Philip Ovadia (Cardiothoracic Surgery)

Methodist Hospital of Memphis
Paul Lambert | SeeMedX

Paul Lambert

CEO of EMED Technologies
Adm. Thomas Beeman | SeeMedX

Adm. Thomas Beeman

COO of Penn Medicine
Dr. Ronald Himelman | SeeMedX

Dr. Ronald Himelman (EM)

Northshore University Health System
Dr. Vishal Sachdev | SeeMedX

Dr. Vishal Sachdev (Cardiothoracic Surgery)

North Mississippi Medical Center
Dr. David Turner | SeeMedX

Dr. David Turner (FM)

Mairy Regional Medical

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