SeeMedX creates smart noninvasive monitors and telehealth devices that save lives, improve patient care, reduce healthcare costs and increase clinician revenue. 

Save Lives
Improve Patient Care
Reduce Costs

Medical science field has been searching for a simple, inexpensive, reliable and non-invasive method to measure and trend the hemodynamic events of the cardiovascular system.

  • Ideally, a non-invasive cardiac output method should yield accurate, reproducible results.
  • The technique should be easily applied to patients without requiring special training or effort
  • The technique should not produce any discomfort.
  • It should also require minimal technical expertise.
  • It should be easily transportable, and be inexpensive.
  • The method should be easily repeatable for serial measurements of cardiac output

These are the solutions that the SeeMedX System provides

SeeMedX | Monitoring

Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance Monitoring

SeeMedX | Algorithm

Signals Processed by Novel Algorithm to Generate Hemodynamic Data

SeeMedX | Smart Technology

RFII and ETag — Radio Frequency Impedance Interrogation Technology

SeeMedX | Patient Study

Over 10,000 Patient Analyses Used in Clinical Scientific Studies

SeeMedX | Remote Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

SeeMedX | Patents Issued

4 Patents Issued; 12 Additional Patents Pending and In Process

SeeMedX | IQ System

IQ System

SeeMedX | HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant