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At SeeMedX, Inc. we are committed to saving lives. Through detection and prevention of life threatening conditions non-invasively. Our patented methodology can help you know your patient’s hemodynamics non-invasively, faster and more accurately than current methods. Our work in detecting and preventing acute Congestive Heart Failure has enabled us to provide a fast, accurate and pain-free method of detecting changes needed for proper treatment adjustment.

Illustration of a human torso stytlized to look like a blue x-ray with a glowing red heart in the center of the chest.
Cardiac Output
Zo Fluid Volume
Illustration of a human heart with a glowing pulse line extendinng from its center.

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Impedance technology is based on Ohm's Law. Impedance (Zo) is the resistance to the flow of electrical current and is measured in ohms. Blood and other fluids are excellent conductors of electricity and have low impedance, particularly compared to bone, tissue, and air. Blood and fluid in the lungs are the most conductive substances in the thorax. Thus, larger quantities of thoracic fluid/blood lowers impedance and smaller quantities result in increased impedance.

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Our Company

At SeeMedX. Inc we are committed to saving lives through our non-invasive technology for detecting and preventing acute Congestive Heart Failure attacks.

Corporate & Academic Partnerships

We are currently sponsoring research with a leading U.S. based University Health System and plan to conduct research at several other research institutions during the next several years.

HIPAA Compliance

SeeMedX supports healthcare providers and is therefore subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).


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